Shows by Tianna the Traveller

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Acts of Adventure

Indoor or Outdoor. Family.

15 - 60 Minutes (Ideal at 45)

This extremely versatile and well loved show is our flagship show by Tianna the Traveller. Originally designed for street performance and outdoor festivals, this show has played on piazzas in London, in a giant fountain in Stockholm, in every major Australian city, at festivals across Canada, and at resorts in the Riviera Maya. With help from some teammates, Tianna attempts the world’s only ratchet strap escape stunt. Along the way she cracks whips, performs acrobatics, and inspires bravery and strength in a young accomplice.

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“A highly intelligent, sophisticated and creative performer, she entrances audiences both young and old... To inspire young children with stories of mythical lands whilst escaping from heavy duty chains is a sight that audiences never tire of. Every festival should be booking Tianna The Traveller.”
— Kate Jones, Programme Director, Busk in London


Acts of Adventure With Integrated ASL Interpretation

Indoor or Outdoor. Family.

15 - 60 Minutes (Ideal at 45)

Our best loved solo Tianna the Traveller show turned into a speaking/signing duo! More than just an interpreted show, this show integrates American Sign Language with twin-like Tiannas who (mostly) work together as a team.

Video Coming Soon.

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Artist of Escape

Indoor. Ages 16+.

15 - 50 Minutes (Ideal at 45)

Tianna can escape from handcuffs, straightjackets, and barrels of water.  But why?  In this one woman adult variety spectacular Tianna will share how she became an escape artist and dig into what she’s truly struggling to escape.

Video Coming Soon


Risky Roads

Indoor or Outdoor. Ages 4 - 14.

20 - 45 Minutes (Ideal at 30)

After travelling the world meeting people and learning from unexpected experiences, Tianna has learnt a lot of life lessons!  In this new kids’ show, she explores how to face challenges and take controlled risks by sharing stories from her adventures.

Video Coming Soon

The Great Gift Escape

Indoor. Family or Adult.

15 - 60 Minutes (Ideal at 45)

This silly holiday mash-up includes holiday traditions Tianna has encountered around the world. For the finale Tianna attempts a giant holiday box escape!

Spooky Stunts

Indoor. Ages 12+

10 - 60 Minutes

A selection of the most terrifying and haunting of the stunts Tianna has learnt around the globe.

Roving Mini Stunts

Tianna also performs our popular Roving Mini Stunts, a roving routine of tiny stunts, suitable for small groups of people in a mingling room. Acts may include match tricks, handcuff escapes, and other pocket-sized surprises.